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The Datura Trip: A Dangerous Journey. About Datura Stramonium

Datura (a plant species with psychoactive potential) is a subject of interest among those curious about exploring different states of consciousness and its medicinal properties. It may be tempting to seek out new and powerful experiences. But it’s also crucial to understand the risks and dangers associated with a Datura trip. As we all know, folks, curiosity killed the cat. Why? You have to read on!

Malabar Coast Mushroom. A Closer Look at Malabar Strain: Potency, Effects

The Malabar Coast Mushroom is a strain of Psilocybe cubensis (just like Penis Envy or Treasure Coast). It has become a subject of interest among the psychedelic community. It’s not a surprise, as this mushroom has fascinating origins and unique properties. It is native to the southwestern coast of India, where it has a chance to thrive due to high temperatures and humid tropical climate.

How Long Does a DMT Trip Last and Can You Make It Longer?

Ever wondered: how long does a DMT trip last? Well, as you can probably imagine, trips are like snowflakes – ever so different, and evanescent. This is also the case of the DMT trip (more like DMTrip, huh?), for some it will be a short and intense experience, and for others it will be a prolonged stream of consciousness. So, how about we try to lay out some facts, and hopefully time periods, too?