If you’re a mushroom enthusiast, or just appreciate the beauty of nature, you’ll want to check out this very rare mushroom – Galerina steglichii. Let’s find out more about this species!

Galerina steglichii is one of the rarest mushrooms on Earth. In fact, it is so rare that most mycologists have never even heard of it! It was only found once in a greenhouse in Germany. Let’s take a look at what we know about this rare specimen.

Galerina Steglichii – History and Basic Information

Galerina steglichii is a member of the genus Galerina and family Strophariaceae. There are no subspecies of this mushroom. It was first described by mycologist H. Besl in 1993 and named after Wolfgang Steglich – a German chemist.

Galerina Steglichii – Habitat

Galerina steglichii is a small bluish tropical species. We know very little about this fungus. It was discovered only once in a greenhouse in Germany. It’s possible that it lives in tropical regions since it was only seen in a hothouse. Mycologists think that it probably grows in warm, tropical climates after a period of rainfall. They may be found separately or in groups or clusters.

Galerina Steglichii – Morphology

Pileus is brown, measuring 0.2-0.5 × 0.08-0.1 inches. Grills are yellowish (0.5-0.6 inches), and they turn yellow brown as the mushroom gets older. The stem is cylindrical, brown to red-brownish in color, measuring 0.5-0.9 × 0.03-0.08 inches. The spores are rusty orange to brown in color.

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Is Galerina Steglichii Edible?

It is known that Galerina steglichii contains both psilocybin and psilocin – two compounds that are psychedelic in nature. Therefore, it is not recommended to consume this mushroom, because this species is very rare and not documented properly. The potency of this mushroom is not known, and consuming it can be dangerous, as this species is very similar to toxic Galerinas, so they can be easily confused.

Now you know everything about the Galerina steglichii – one of the most unique and mysterious fungus in the world. Thanks for reading!

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